Lucy Sullivan is getting married by Marian Keyes

I just had three shots of espresso  coffee and I am now trying to drink up a full bottle of water, hopefully this headache will leave me by the time this post is done.  Well actually I don’t think it will be that easy, realistically it could take me a few days to recover from those last three nights out, anyway a huge fish and chips (and beer)  is waiting for me so I better be fast, I refuse on principle to retreat from a battle that involves food & alchool, action now and consequences later.

“I loved Monday evenings. I was still at that stage in my life when I thought that weekdays were for recovering from the weekend. I couldn’t understand the rest of the world who seemed to be under the impression that it was the other way around”

Well it’s only sunday but I suppose my weekend started on thursday, those witty words were written by Marian Keyes and they are about Lucy Sullivan, main character in “Lucy Sullivan is getting married” who this post is dedicated to.

Marian Keyes it’s a brilliant writer,  if you have never read any of her books I would recommend you do it soon. She wrote books that are far batter than this, best pick would be “Watermelon”,  yet I also really liked “Lucy Sullivan is getting married” and today it’s on my mind.

Lucy Sullivan is getting married

A good narrator makes all the difference, this is true in many cases in life but it’s especially true when it comes to romance or chick lit, more often than not books that we label as “romance” have a similar plot, so what really makes me love a writer and makes me feel totally unimpressed by another is entirely due to the narrator’s voice and writing style.

Marian Keyes is so brilliant that she could probably write Ikea assembly instructions and engage my attention (needless to say my concentration span lasts  about two minutes when it comes to assembling, which is pretty much the time it takes me to call for help).

For once I kind of like the synopsis presented on Amazon:

Lucy Sullivan fancies herself simultaneously miserable and happy. A 26-year-old Londoner, Lucy is the kind of woman who thinks that any man who’s decent to her must be Mr. Wrong. But when she visits a fortune-teller with a trio of mismatched friends, a marriage is predicted for the near future. When the fortune-teller’s prophecies for the other three come true in peculiar ways, even disbelieving, boyfriendless Lucy begins to suspect that, somehow, wedding bells will ring for her. The identity of the lucky man will come as no surprise, though Lucy remains oblivious until the very end, but there are many eligible bachelors on the scene, among them Gus, Lucy’s sexy but unreliable new lover; Daniel, her oldest friend; Chuck, a handsome American; and Adrian, the video shop man. The attendant mayhem includes drunken meals at ethnic restaurants, flamenco dancing accidents, blind dates gone wrong and many delicious confessions and revelations.

As most of Keyes’ books this novel manages to be light and romantic but it also tackles serious issue like clinical depression and alcholism. Lucy Sullivan is a young woman that makes self-destructive choices, a very delusional character that welcomes all the wrong people into her life and is mean towards the right ones like her best friend Daniel.

If you find yourself feeling really annoyed in the first half of the book, hurry up to the second half and do not quit reading, it will be worth it. Lucy is the kind of character that develops in the book, she embraces a journey of self empowerment.

I also like the fact that we get to see a real friendship turning into something more (a favourite theme of mine in romantic novels).

Go for it if you like an insightful romantic read that deals serious issues with irony & little touches of sarcasm.

My grade: 3/5


One response to “Lucy Sullivan is getting married by Marian Keyes

  1. I *love* Marian Keyes, but I almost didn’t make it through this book. Lucy drove me absolutely crazy. However, I’m glad I pushed through, because like you said, the second half of the book was great. Once Lucy had some sense knocked into her.

    Anybody Out There? remains my favourite Keyes book :)

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